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My rather obsolete picture archive, yet no real reason to remove it.

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aedance Dance presentation at AE's annual evening ahma Clan Ahma
aino Larp : Vanerikreivitär / Aino-laiva airforce Pictures from service in the Air Forces
antti Some meeting at Antti's bakkanaalit Bakkanaalit, ORC's first dance event
campus Campus-related pics con Ropecon'97
con98 Ropecon'98 con00 Ropecon'00
fuksirasti ORC's Freshman event '97 fuksirasti98 ORC's Freshman event '98
guild Tech. Physic's guild stuff id97 ORC's Independency Ball '97
id98 ORC's Independency Ball '98 keski Medieval/SCA-related stuff
konklaavi Conclave'98 at Turku larp_4sv Larp: Neljän Suunnan Valtakunta
larp_amarna Larp: Amarna larp_crion Larp: Crion Ib
larp_hiisi Larp: Hiisisuot VI larp_iv Larp: Ihmisten Valtakunta
lasse Pictures of myself linda98 Linda-gaala '98
misc Miscellaneous stuff mtg Magic the Gathering tournaments
okt OKT-related events orc Miscellaneous ORC stuff
orc_members ORC membership roster parties Miscellaneous parties
person Humph portraits Portraits
priv Password required school My school pics
syys99 ORC's Autumn Ball '99 tempaus Tempaus at Turku '97
ulvoja Kuutamoulvojaiset '98 ulvoja99 Kuutamoulvojaiset '99
vartti Academic Quarter '97 w3 Wanderer 3
zadaria Zadaria/Siam's children TV-serie stuff liwPictures by Lars Wirzenius

dance Miscellaneous dance pictures trips Miscellaneous trips
fiammetta Pictures of our small dance group kwds Known World Dance Symposium '01, Boston
kimmo Kimmo's picture archive marriage Wedding pics

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